Autumn Leaves at Koko-en Garden in Himeji

Hi there. It’s Mr.Wada back on duty! Previously, I’ve introduced Himeji Castle in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture. It would be nice visiting this place in any seasons but you know what, autumn leaves at Koko-en Garden (right beside the castle) look awesome as well. Let me share it this time.

Return of White Heron: Himeji Castle

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Koko-en is right next to the HImeji castle.

68 Honmachi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo


Tickets Adult (18 and over) Child (under 18)
Koko-en 300 yen 150 yen
Koko-en + Himeji castle 1,040 yen 360 yen


Business Hours

April 27th – August 31st 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m (admission until 5:30 p.m)
September 1st – April 26th 9:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m (admission until 4:30 p.m)
Closed December 29th and 30th


Autumn Leaves at Koko-en GardenAutumn Leaves at Koko-en Garden

This place is open in the evening at this time of the year for watching autumn leaves. Check info.


In general, leaves turn red after mid-November. I like them mixed with red, yellow, and green. Nice contrast, isn’t it?

Koko-en Garden


Leaves look even more beautiful with the lights up.

Autumn Leaves at Koko-en Garden


How is it? Mid-November was still a bit soon for autumn leaves but we enjoyed it a lot. The ticket is very affordable at 300 yen. Check it out while you are in Himeji.

See you around!

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  1. Abi in Japan says:

    Beautiful! I am waiting in anticipation for the koyo leaves in Nagasaki – think I have a little longer to wait 😀

  2. Abi in Japan says:

    Also, I like the night photo. The rock in the water looks a little bit like a mini Fuji!

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