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Howdy. It’s Mr. Wada on duty. Mrs. Wada and I like traveling, but we aren’t into spending too much on accommodation. We are like semi-backpackers. You know, just need a place to hit the hay. Unlikely in the western countries, there aren’t many youth hostels like YMCA or backpackers hotels, but no worries, there are still cheap hotels in japan.

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It is not only for backpackers, it might be also a good option in case you miss the last train.

cheap hotels in japan lasttrain

(Photo credit: Nobuya Sato)


Types of Accommodations

Cheap hotels in japan though, there are different types. Let’s see what they are like.

Capsule Hotels (3,000 JPY ~)

It’s sorta modern stuff. I’d pictured it quite futuristic for the first time. Thought of it like we’d get into the SF-ish capsule and our bodies would be kept frozen. Reality is… you should check it with your own eyes.

As it is called, we sleep in a “capsule.” The fee normally includes shower, sometimes sauna and breakfast .

cheap hotels in japan Cheap Hotel

(Photo credit: Tobin)

– Located in central.
– Most importantly it’s so much exciting!

– Not much privacy (since we sleep in a capsule).
– The capsule isn’t as comfortable as bed is.

Note: You may not fit into the capsule (if you are tall).


Guest Houses/Backpackers Hotels (2,000 JPY ~)

It is mostly a dormitory-type house. If you are more into meeting new people, this might be the best place. Backpackers from all over the world gather and have fun!

cheap hotels in japan guesthouse

(Photo credit: Richard, enjoy my life!)

– There will be opportunities for meeting new people (it’s priceless!).

– It tends to be busy.
– Not much privacy (unless you get a private room).

Note: Some places have curfew. You should check about this before booking (you don’t want to be locked out).


Internet Cafe (1,700 JPY ~)

This has been the most popular place for emergency. Well, it is supposed to be where we use the internet and stuff as it is called but many people also stay overnight.

Not as bad as you may think it would be. The cost varies on duration of your stay. One I know of costs 1,700 yen for 6 hours (with drink bar like at Family Restaurants).

Since we sleep on the reclining chairs, I wouldn’t call it a hotel but it’s still one of the places where we can get some sleep.

cheap hotels in japan internetcafe

(Photo credit: Gavin Anderson)

– No reservation required (in other words we can’t reserve).
– Some places offer private rooms, so we could actually have a sleep with more privacy (regular seats are separated just by partitions).

– In general it doesn’t accept reservations, so it can be really for emergency or possibly you would have to look around).




Love Hotels (5,000 JPY ~)

This would be the last option for me (only if none of the above is available). Though you still wouldn’t want to go in alone (you may be rejected for some reason).

cheap hotels in japan lovehotel

(Photo credit: mliu92)

So Where To Find Cheap Hotels?

Here are some references that you possibly can find capsule hotels or guest houses, etc. Hope it will help.

References: | Cheap, Clean, Good Access Capsule Hotels
Hostel listing in Japan Guesthouse map in JapanRakuten Travel – Get the best deals on Japanese Hotels and Ryokans


Aside from being in such a situation like missing the last train, it would be still fun to try stuff like capsule hotels at least once during your stay. Whether it turns good or bad, why not make it a part of your adventure! See you around!

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6 Responses

  1. ᐃᓄᒃ ᑭᕙᑖ says:

    My first night in Japan was in a capsule hotel. Not a pleasant experience, but a memorable one. I was surpassed to learn people were allowed to smoke! I had to put up with noxious fumes in a little box that wasn’t big enough to fit me.

    I should point out though, that I did stay at a capsule hotel which was quite pleasant. Lots of room and even a small private area next to it.

  2. Fi Dunphy says:

    I’m on my way to Tokyo and fully intend to check out a capsule hotel! I’ve been into a few manga kissas just to use the Internet (which has been a bit hit and miss for a non Japanese-speaking person because the Internet and computer menus are usually in Japanese), and am considering using one to sleep some time… But I don’t know that I fancy it – it would just be to say that I’d slept in a Japanese Internet cafe, really!

    Thanks for checking out my Japan biketouring blog Mr Wada 🙂

    • Mr. Wada says:

      Hi there. Thank you for leaving a comment.

      It sounds so much exciting that you will stay in Tokyo. True, I’ve never seen PCs in English setting at internet cafes. It may sound odd but you might better not use internet cafe for internet. Using free Wi-fi (ex:cafes) would be better if you have a tablet etc. Or else, we could change language setting of PCs(if the OS is Windown8) BUT as current setting is Japanese, perhaps you could ask a worker to do it for you(thumb’s up).

      Please enjoy your trip in Japan and I hope to hear from you again!

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