Fishing Spot in Ashiyahama, Hyogo


Hi there, it’s Mr. Wada on duty. How’s melting summer going? Can’t help grabbing drinks all the time. >x<
We haven’t been out for fishing this summer yet in Okayama …but Hyogo. I am sharing a popular fishing spot in Ashiyahama, Hyogo Prefecture. ‘Why Hyogo?’, you ask? We’ve seen this place many times on a local TV fishing program, so I’ve kinda wanted to take a look.


Prologue – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

We first stopped at a fishing tool store.


The store also looks familiar from the TV show but nothing is different than other stores. We grabbed some stuff and headed to the cashier. Ren then poked and whispered me that ‘Hey, isn’t he Mr. Akira Itami, a host of that show?’


What? I took a glance. He seemed so but I wasn’t so sure from distance (I suck at recognizing people’s faces). She says he is. What can I do? Say hi? Wait what the hell is he doing here (though without camera)? We froze for a while and end up just left the store. Later she seemed to regret. Hehe. We will have another chance one day.

It kinda felt like a good start anyhow.

Fishing in Ashiyahama


Ashiyahama looks like a seaside walk, 10-minute drive from the store.  Alright, let’s get started!

A Cloud With a Chance of Sea Bream

As soon as I dropped my hooks in, I got some horse mackerels already. Small but it’d go endlessly! Sometimes got small mackerels also. Well, similar but this guy struggles a lot! (more fun)

fishing_in_ashiyahama_fish_01 fishing_in_ashiyahama_fish_04 fishing_in_ashiyahama_fish_03 fishing_in_ashiyahama_fish_02

However, after 30 minutes or so, rain started to pour! Damn! We managed with an umbrella first but it wouldn’t stop and was getting harder and harder. Thought it was no longer able to hold. Ok, that’s it. >x<


We were about to leave. Then an angler next to us approached us, asked if we wanted to take his catches. Hehe, why not. Let’s see what he’s got…..opened the bag and we were stunned.



We call it Chinu (Sea Bream). Huge….How do I cook this? No photos but it took me 2 hours to slice two of these. I won’t take that offer again…


Ashiyahama looked like a great fishing spot. I definitely recommend this place if you live nearby. I wish I had it in Okayama. See you around!


Adventure in Ushimado Maejima island, Okayama

Yo yo yo yo! What’s up people? Summer’s coming soon!…yet. But the weather’s been great. There’s no way being Hikikomori at home. I and Mrs. Wada visit a small island called Ushimado Maejima Island (I’ll just call it Maejima).

We will share our first fishing this year.

About Maejima

It is only a 5-minute ferry ride from the Ushimado ferry port in Ushimado Town, Okayama Prefecture. Fare is 240 yen for one way.

I picked it because t is known as a good place for fishing. Our first attempt of 2016!

Fishing in Maejima!

Sky’s perfect blue. Let’s get started!



-after 30 minutes-

Dehydrated. We can’t risk our lives under the burning sun. Better stop here.


Ice cream is always the saver on a hot day.


Well, it doesn’t seem we will have any chance of getting any fish here, but there’s no way we just sit and waste our time. Why don’t we explore this island instead?


Explore Maejima

Take a look the map of Maejima. There seems to be some places we could check out. We decided to walk down to the Sun Beach Maejima.

Way to the Sun Beach Maejima

Lots of discoveries on the way.


Sun Beach Maejima

Finally we made it! It looks like a nice place for camping in summer, doesn’t it?

This beach was used for TV commercial of Suntory beer. Check it out below.


Maeshima’s trying to get more people for camping and more activities. Please come visit.

See you around!