Okayama’s Cycling Road: Katatetsu Roman Kaido

Okayama's Cycling Road: Katatetsu Roman Kaido

Hi there it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. This time I would like to share our day on Katatetsu Roman Kaido Cycling Road.

Okayama’s Cycling Road: Katatetsu Roman Kaido

Katatetsu Roman Kaido cycling road is a discontinued railroad which was used between 1919 and 1991. City of Okayama put up the official cycling road map in November of 2017 as part of the tourism project. This includes the Kibi Plain cycling road that we have tried before, and Katatetsu Roman Kaido cycling road! According to the map, these two are supposedly easier than others…but it is still about 34.2 km long (one day). Let’s see how it goes.

Katatetsu Roman Kaido Cycling Road Map (PDF)


Let the Cycling Day Begin!

We started at the Katatetsu Cycling Road Terminal. It offers rent a bike for FREE for anyone. FYI, there are no NO mountain bikes available. Although no worries, there isn’t much crazy killer-steep on this cycling road. If you are very much attached to mountain bikes, you could get a rent a bike at Ukaidani Transporation Park which is like 12 km ahead of this terminal.


Go down the road and the first thing to see would be this Shimizu tunnel. After this tunnel you are already in Wake Town. After a while keep going through the Shimizu Station and Wake Town central.


Passing Tawaraiseki Dam.


Nigaki Station stands in the middle of the forest road (air is so fresh!). Now we are at half way.


Looks like another train station but it’s a washroom.


We had lunch and coffee at this neat restaurant called Kiraku. I may feature it another time. It was such a compact & cute place!


Going along the river now. Nice views and really nice that it is separated from the car road.


Here we are. This is Kichigahara Station, the last stop of Katatetsu Roman Kaido cycling road. It isn’t used now but it seems to be preserved very well. There is a small cafe in the station. Get a drink and chill.


A cool retro train. I remember that one of the customers at Fusha Cafe that we have previously visited, mentioned that the floor of this Katatetsu train is made of wood. I wish I could see it.


This station has a train-ride event every first Sunday. What a coincident it was the day (hehe). A ticket is available for 300 yen.

We wanted to stay longer but time was running out! We’d have to return the bikes by 17:00. It took us about 3 hours from the terminal to this Kichigahara Station, so…we’d better leave before 14:00.

We wouldn’t need to stop for photos on the way back but my concern was if my remained energy would be enough to make it back in time. (=_=) End up we made it in about 2.5 hours on the way back (phew).



How do you find it? Overall it was not too bad. The roads are well maintained and distant from car road. I highly recommend it for families and beginners.

See you around!

Naruto Whirlpool Boat Ride in Tokushima

Naruto Whirlpool Boat Ride in Tokushima

Hi there, it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. This time I would like to share our trip to Naruto whirlpools.

Naruto Whirlpool Boat Ride!

Naruto whirlpools can be seen in the Naruto strait which is between Tokushima Prefecture and Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. And this Naruto whirlpool watching is one of the most popular activities in Naruto City. FYI, there’s no relation to Naruto anime by the way. Hehe.

It is quite overwhelming. I felt we’d get dragged!

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Uzushio Kisen
Access 65−63Fukuike, Tosadomariura, Naruto-cho,Naruto-shi,
Fee Adult: 1,550 yen
Over 7 years old: 780 yen
Under 7years old: Free
Website http://www.uzushio-kisen.com/en/index.html


Setonaikai National Park Naruto

You could see nice views of the Ōnaruto Bridge at the Setonaikai National Park Naruto. I recommend to stop by since it’s near by the boat ride area. This is also an ideal place for getting souvenirs.



How do you find it? It was absolutely worth a visit. If you happen to visit Tokushima please stop by and enjoy the ride. (^v^)v

See you around!